Welcome to Unionhill Ranch

Thanks for visiting us here at Union Hill Ranch! We are a small family farm located in the heart of the foothills of Central California. We have embarked on several small scale farming ventures over the years, mostly out of the desire to become more self reliant. Surprisingly, in the process, we have learned to do many things we never thought we could do! What started out as a simple “chicken project", has given birth to a passion to equip and empower people to become acquainted with and come to appreciate these amazingly beautiful creatures! We have a heart to preserve the beautiful heritage breeds of old, while also striving to obtain and improve on the rarest of rare breeds. We enjoy our birds immensely and love to share our knowledge and love of poultry....

Equipping people for success, from first peep to prize egg!

Back from the brink of extiction....The Brakel

We are thrilled to announce our release of the coveted Gold Brakel! We are pleased to be one of the only farms in the United States to have these rare birds. We will be releasing chicks/hatching eggs/started birds via auction format on Rarebreedauctions.com after working on them for almost 2 years.  We are excited to release them to the public this season in an effort to educate and promote the conservation of this once well known breed! We will also be adding Silver Brakel to our program in the Fall of 2014.




Our Automatic Watering Solution!

We used to spent alot of time and energy watering all our of our birds' pens. But as our flocks grew, we saw the need to come up with a better way to give our birds a continuous supply of fresh water. We experimented with a few ideas before coming up with the Drip Chick Series of watering systems. Our system uses the popular poultry drinker cups and other proven technology to keep our reservoir full at all times. We offer many configuration options to help our kit fit your particular needs. We hope you will take advantage of our time and work saving product!

Our versatile and expandable kits can supply 2 birds or 200! Quality components, a continuous supply of water, a huge time and work saver...all qualities you desire and expect from your automatic poultry watering system. Our Autowaterkits have it all!